Sports Events

FIFA Football World Cup

The "Fanmeile Berlin" is Germany's (and the World's) largest public viewing venue. We have worked on multiple events here between the World Cup 2006 and the World Cup 2018.
It has become known as "Fanmeile Berlin" and is located on the Straße des 17. Juni in the Tiergarten district between Brandenburg Gate and Große Querallee.
Almost two kilometres long, the Fanmeile provides much space for a gigantic football fan party. There are several large video screens at the venue which provide an excellent view of the matches from all positions. Our brand partners enjoyed tremendous exposure to a huge captive audience for the duration of the World Cup.

Montreal Welcomes Grand Prix Du Canada 2022

For decades Crescent Street in Montreal has been the destination for race fans during the Grand Prix weekend. This downtown street is the epicenter for nightlife in Montreal and home of the Crescent Street Grand Prix Festival 16th -19th June 2022 thrilling more than 500,000 fans each day.


The FIS World Cup Cross Country Falun, is one of the most Important and Popular Sporting Events in Sweden.  The FIS World Cup Cross Country Falun will be broadcast to a live Swedish audience in excess of 2.5 Million viewers throughout the long weekend! Audience reach throughout Europe - 350,000,000.

Moto GP

Dubbed the Formula 1 of motorcycle racing, MotoGPTM is the world’s premier motorcycle racing championship. Each year thousands of fans watch the top riders on the planet race state-of-the-art, purpose-built racing motorcycles designed only for professional use on the circuit.  Since the series began in 1949, MotoGPTM has visited locations the world over, establishing a passionate international fan base in fourteen countries and four continents, from Australia to Argentina and Malaysia to Spain

WBC Championship Boxing

The single most prestigious sports event in Poland’s history took place in the brand new Wroclaw Stadium!  A dream came true for Poland: The first World Heavyweight Championship fight to take place in Poland happened on Saturday, September 10th 2011 at the all-new Wroclaw Stadium!  It was the ultimate chance for Poland’s Number One boxing star Tomasz Adamek to pit himself against the then and current WBC World Heavyweight Champion Vitali Klitschko and bring the most sought-after title to his home country Poland for the first time ever!
Digital Interactive Media, as exclusive Cinema distribution agents for event promoters Main Event in New York, were responsible for sourcing and contracting the exclusive cinema distribution rights with the leading cinema chain in Poland, Multikino. This landmark deal enabled tens of thousands more boxing fans that were not able to obtain tickets to the stadium, to watch the Battle of the Century LIVE from cinemas spread across Poland.

City Racing - Rotterdam

Since the first edition of the event in 2005 when the first Formula One car left its mark on the tarmac in Rotterdam city centre, the yearly presence of the F1’s have become part of the scenery on the streets of Rotterdam. Every summer hundreds of thousands of racing fans flock to the heart of the city.

Red Bull Crushed Ice Racing

Since 2006, the Red Bull Crashed Ice World Championship in Quebec sets a thrilling stage for fearless competitors from Canada and around the globe. Every year, over 120,000 screaming fans line the cobblestone streets as they watch 80 participants soar down the icy course.
These ice cross downhill mavericks must battle their way to the bottom of a 594-metre urban ice track built with massive drops, hairpin turns, big-air jumps, drop-offs, and gaps at speeds of more than 60 km/h.

77th Monaco Grand Prix 

The Monaco Grand Prix is considered the ultimate Formula One race and the most anticipated each year. Run since 1929, it attracts the world’s most prestigious drivers and most glamorous spectators to the tiny principality. 200,000 spectators will delight in all that Monaco has to offer.

Rafael Nadal and Friends .............

The Eisenhower Cup is a winner-takes-all charity event, which forms part of the BNP Paribas Open in Indian Wells California, one of the biggest and most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world.